Oralieve Moisturising Mouth Gel


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A bio-active moisturising gel which mimics the action and feel of your own saliva. Provides hours of dry mouth relief and comfort from just one application and promotes fresh breath. Especially effective for night-time application and under dentures. Suitable for anyone suffering with dry mouth (Xerostomia), temporary or long term, whether due to medication, medical treatments, auto-immune disorders, mouth-breathing or seasonally-affected mouth dryness.

  • Immediate relief of dry mouth
  • Easy to use
  • Not sweet (can be flavoured if desired)
  • Promotes fresh breath
  • Mimics the action and feel of your saliva
  • Provides hours of relief and comfort in one application

Apply with a clean finger to gums, tongue and palate, or use the patented MouthEze soft headed applicator.

Oralieve Mouth Gel is a Class1 Medical Device.