Ornamin Single Handle Mug with Internal Cone 160ml (905)


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Key Benefits:

  • Internal Cone – Raise your mug, not your head
  • For limited movement in the neck and arms and dysphagia
  • Made of break-resistant quality plastic (Bisphenol-A free)
  • Safe for use in the microwave and dishwasher
  • Made in Germany
  • Lids sold separately

Function on the outside, geometry on the inside. In ad­dition to the effective thermal function, the mugs hide a cone-shaped interior. This means that even people who are bed-bound or have limited movement in the neck and arms can satisfy their thirst. And in contrast to the nose cut-out cups that are often used for people with physical limitations, the Mugs with Internal Cone are also intuitive to use and require no explanation.

It’s all made possible thanks to the cone-shaped inte­rior, which tapers towards the bottom and looks like an ice cream cone. This clever feature enables people to drink by themselves without having to tilt the head back­wards. The nose no longer gets in the way, either. And since its function is concealed within the mug’s interior, it looks no different to our conventional thermo mugs. The users therefore never feel embarrassed, discriminated against or alienated, but rather part of the group – just like they should.

Available in various colours.