Ornamin Bowl with Sloped Base 15.5cm (903)


These plates with a sloped base are designed for those with limited mobility and come in a variety of colours.

Key Benefits:

  • Sloped base – design with a whole new slant
  • For limited movement in handy, shaky hands or tremor, limited motor skills, one handed
  • Made of break-resistant quality melamine (Bisphenol-A free)
  • Safe for use in the dishwasher
  • Made in Germany

Ornamin 903 Bowl with Sloped Base 15.5 cm

Absolutely askew. Plate/Bowl with a sloped interior for single-handed eating. Alongside a fantastic design, the plate has a slanted interior base and a discreet protruding lip. Both make it easier for people with limited hand mobility to access food with a fork or spoon.

The interior base is not flat, but rather slopes towards the edges of the plate. Together with a discreet protruding lip, the food slides towards the fork or spoon as if by magic wether tomato soup on the plate or vanilla pudding in the bowl. A non-slip ring also guarantees a firm stand.

The plate/bowl unite three products in one: plate/bowl, plate guard and non-slip table set.

Available in various colours.