Ornamin Wide Spout Lid Clear-suitable for thicker fluids (807)


Designed for thicker fluids this designed spout means those with limited mobility don’t have to tilt their heads. Qty 1

Key Benefits:

  • Due to the length of the spout there is no need to tilt the head when drinking; with a big hole for thickened fluid or mash (Model 807)
  • Ideal supplement for the cups and mugs by ORNAMIN
  • Made of break-resistant quality plastic (Bisphenol-A-free)
  • Dishwasher safe & microwave safe
  • Made in Germany

Safe and independent drinking: the Spouted Lids fit a large range of cups and mugs by Ornamin and prevent splashes and spills. The long spout means there is no need to tilt the head when drinking. The Spouted Lids enable safe drinking and eating even for those with limited movement in the neck.

The Spouted Lid 806 with a small hole is suitable for drinks and the Spouted Lid 807 with the big hole is suitable for thickened fluids or mash.