Oxford Toileting Low Back Sling (SL174)


A  toileting low back sling provides a much safer transfer solution for individuals with limited mobility who don’t have good sitting balance or sufficient trunk support and are therefore at greater risk of falls and injuries during hoisting in a traditional toileting slings.


5 Reasons to Buy a Toileting Low Back Sling:

  1. Enhanced safety: an adjustable, elasticated body belt and removable ‘bones’ to the back section offer added support and security. Coloured attachment loops also promote correct/safe positioning.
  2. Increased independence: With the help of a toileting low back sling, individuals with limited mobility can still use the toilet increasing their independence, self-confidence  and quality of life.
  3. Improved comfort: the ‘arms in’ design alleviates under-arm and shoulder pressure and padded leg sections provide additional comfort.
  4. Easier hygiene: It offers good access to clothing allowing the caregiver to focus on cleaning and maintaining hygiene and dignity.
  5. Full customisation available; can be customised to fulfil patient specific needs.


The Oxford® Toileting Low Back Sling is made from durable, heavy-duty polyester. It is not a general purpose sling and will only suit around 25% of clients.

  • Discreet colour coded tab on top section to denote size
  • Safe working load of 284kg or 44 stone.
  • For use on passive hoists
  • Tested to BS EN ISO 10535:2006
  • Comes with 12 months warranty
  • Suitable for use with loop sling attachment method

Please click below to watch a video of Jo Bonser, our MD reviewing The Oxford® Toileting Low Back Sling:



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