Please Be Patient Cards (FFCARD1B)


Please be Patient Cards have been designed to help people living with dementia explain their condition in social situations to reduce any awkwardness, confusion or embarrassment of any misunderstood behaviours.

On the front of the card they provide a polite and dignified way to acknowledge that someone has dementia and explains why they may be hesitant in answering questions, perhaps ask the same question more than once or displaying behaviours which others don’t understand.

What if the recipient of the card doesn’t know what dementia is?

It’s easy to forget that a lot of people simply have no idea what dementia is, so the reverse of the card provides an opportunity to inform the recipient with a simple, succinct definition of dementia.


5 reasons to buy Please be Patient cards:

  1. Reduce awkwardness and embarrassment in any social situation
  2. Improve outcomes of social occasions
  3. Increase dignity for a person living with dementia
  4. Improve communication on the condition of dementia
  5. Improve understanding and empathy about dementia

Pack of 10 cards.