Hi-Power Effervescent Chlorine Tablets 6×200 (0625CHL/6)


Effervescent, chlorine bleach based tables for disinfecting and sterilising for all washable surfaces. A safer alternative to liquid bleach for surface disinfection.

Chlorine bleach based disinfectant tablets. More convenient and safer to use than traditional liquid hypochlorite bleach. One or two tablets in a bucket of water dissolves with an effervescent action to give a solution of ready-to use bleach.

The active constituent is dichloroiscyanurate. Each tablet yields 200ppm of available chlorine when placed in 5 litres of cold water.

Chlorine tablets if used at a dilution of 10,000 ppm (parts per million) it will kill HIV, Hepatitis B etc. In simple terms 1 tablet in 100ml of water will give them the solution they need with a contact time of 2 minutes.



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