Wheely Cosy (AA8645)


Fitting virtually all manual wheelchairs, the Wheelchair Cosy is ideal for use with the Wheelchair Poncho. Size: 1

Wheelchair Cosy

This fleece blanket is designed for wheelchair users. It zips closed to keep the lower body warm and comfortable. The fleece lining is extraordinarily soft and comfortable to sit on for extended periods of time.

Waterproof and Spill Proof

The outer layer of the Wheelchair Cosy is made from waterproof material. This is great for preventing messes from spills. It can also be used to protect the user from light rain.

Keeping Warm

Staying warm in a wheelchair can be difficult. Blankets end up sliding off or getting run over by wheelchair wheels. This blanket zips closed and has a back panel. It stays in place when in use and fully covers the lower body for a warm and comfortable wheelchair experience.


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