Wrapmaster 4500 (45cm – Aluminium Foil, Cling Film, Greaseproof Paper Dispenser)


Refills available

Wrapmaster Cling Film Refill       45cm x 90m x 3
Wrapmaster Aluminium Foil Refill 45cm x 90m x 3
Wrapmaster Greaseproof Paper Refill 45cm x 90m x 3
Wrapmaster 4500 Dispenser


  • 4500 (45cm wide) – Caters for a larger kitchen using higher volume foil, film or parchment
  • Both have all the key features and benefits of a Wrapmaster dispenser, i.e. health and safety, enclosed blade, portion control, dishwasher safe (90°C)
  • Easy to refill and increases productivity
  • Grips hold of the wrap ready for the next use
  • One dispenser, multiple food wrap choices