Selden - Sabre All Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner 1x5ltr (C54)
This all purpose cleaner cuts through grime leaving a fresh smell. Qty: 1x5L

Selden - Sabre All Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner 1x5ltr (C54)

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A handy hard surface cleaner to rapidly cut through grease and grime leaving a tangy lemon fragrance. Ideal for use in hotels, schools, recreational facilities, nursing homes, public transport, and as an all purpose neutral cleaner.

  • Tangy lemon fragrance
  • New formula - free from acids or caustics *
  • Rapid action cuts through grease and grime
  • Effective maintenance cleaner for all hard surfaces
  • Low foam reduces cleaning time

For general cleaning dilute 1 part 'Sabre' to 40 parts hot water.
For damp mopping dilute ‘Sabre’ 1 part to 80 parts warm or cold water.

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