Empathy Doll with 2 Outfits
Doll Therapy can be highly beneficial to a person living with dementia. Qty 1

Empathy Doll with 2 Outfits

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"With Doll Therapy gaining favour as a valuable contribution to health and well being in dementia care, we have designed a doll which fulfills the key criteria.

  • Doesn't cry
  • Eyes remain open

These are recognised as important factors in the design of an appropriate doll.

Doll Therapy can be highly beneficial to a person living with dementia

Here are five key points to remember when introducing Doll Therapy:

  • Do not call the doll a doll
  • Provide a pram, crib or similar
  • Do not use a doll that cries or closes its eyes as this can be distressing
  • Do not 'present' the doll - create a situation where the recipient is able to 'choose' the doll independently
  • Ensure carers are fully aware of the purpose and benefits a doll can provide

Supplied with 2 sets of clothes (one blue and one pink) it has a realistic body size and weight which (whilst not essential) encourages interaction.

To get the best from the use of dolls we recommend reading up on some of the volume of evidence which supports this activity and describes best practices for doll therapy"

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